Filecoin Storage Provider Training and Certification

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What is ESPA?
Enterprise Storage Provider Accelerator is a 7-month intensive program and course that teaches how to be a successful Web3 Storage Provider
with no initial cost and expense to participate
the capital intensive equipment / compute cluster provided
FIL (utility token/tool and barrier to entry) lease for qualified participants
block Rewards / ROI from operations* to recoup against the initial FIL loan to prove financial concept
*Block Rewards will vest over time
Boot Camp Testimonials
"The welcoming and collaborative community ensures no absence of information or resources for anyone interested in onboarding as a storage provider. It's not just a conference; it's a platform for new friendships, connections, and partnerships, truly benefiting the entire ecosystem" - Tuan Ho, Lucky Strike
ESPA is perfect if you are...

Managed Service Provider

Management and Owners looking to enter into Web3 storage space

Information Technology

CIO’s, CTO’s, Storage and Solution Architects exploring Web3 blockchain technologies

Colocation and Datacenter

Owner and Operators concerned with Web3 disruption

Filecoin Ecosystem Partners

looking to gain in-depth knowledge of operations

Startup Leaders and Lead Developers

looking to understand and develop their business into the filecoin network

Business Development Leaders

looking for the next revolution in decentralized storage and blockchain